Reviving Visions: Artists and Scholars that Connected East and West

Posted: 10.10.2016 in Събития, Теория
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October 7–11, 2016

reviving-visionsIn October 2016, students and teachers of our faculties will meet for a double conference “Reviving Visions: Artists and Scholars that connected East and West” in Cologne. Our students will meet on October 7 to present their discoveries—places, ideas, personalities, traditions and visions—that can help us to create a space of learning and scholarship that connects Eastern and Western traditions. They will present their findings and ideas to senior scholars of all three universities at Schloss Wahn on October 10 and 11.


❧ Students from Warsaw, Moscow and Cologne
❧ Prof. Dr. Andrew Kahn (University of Oxford), keynote speaker
❧ Prof. Dr. Rita Giuliani (La Sapienza, Rome)
❧ Prof. Dr. Kornelija Ičin (University of Belgrade)
❧ Prof. Dr. Elena Penskaya (HSE)
❧ Prof. Dr. Jörg Schulte (Cologne)
❧ Dr. Kamelia Spassova (Cologne / Sofia)
❧ Dr. Marianna Koliová (Cologne / Bratislava)
❧ Prof. Dr. Irina Savelieva (HSE)
❧ Prof. Dr. Oleg Lekmanov (HSE)
❧ Dr. Pavel Sokolov (HSE)
❧ Dr. Yulia Ivanova (HSE)
❧ Prof. Dr. Paweł Stępień (University of Warsaw)
❧ Prof. Dr. Jolanta Sujecka (University of Warsaw)
❧ Prof. Dr. Grażyna Jurkowlaniec (University of Warsaw)
❧ Dr. Małgorzata Wojtyniak (University of Warsaw)
❧ Prof. Dr. Daniel Bunčić (Cologne)
❧ Dr. Dragana Grbić (Cologne / Belgrade)
❧ Benjamin Reeve, M.A. (Cologne)


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