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Jörg Schulte
Vladimir Nabokov and the Calendrical Code
in Russian Literature

15 февруари 2016 г., 18.30 часа
Нова конферентна зала, Ректорат на СУ
Лекцията ще се проведе на английски език

Many of Vladimir Nabokov’s novels contain calendrical motives, some of them offer calendrical riddles. These riddles can be solved through a combination of historical data and events mentioned in the novel and literary allusions. Creating a “calendrical code” Nabokov continues a tradition in Russian literature that reaches back to Pushkin and Gogol’ and was continued by Chekhov and Esenin. Referring to Nabokov’s Russian novels Mary, Glory and The Gift as well as to his first English novel The Real Life of Sebastian Knight the lecture attempts to reveal some invisible links between different periods of Russian culture. (още…)