Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics

Posted: 10.10.2015 in Поезия

k9677The Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics: Fourth Edition, edited by Roland Greene, Stephen Cushman, Clare Cavanagh, Jahan Ramazani, Paul F. Rouzer, Harris Feinsod, David Marno, Alexandra Slessarev, Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2012, 169-170.

„The poetry of Ani Ilkov (b. 1957), Miglena Nikolchina(b.1955), and Edvin Sugarev (b. 1953) can be described by terms such as *expressionism, *imagism, and *constructivism, as long as post- appears before them. Among a new wave of extremely promising authors, poets such as Georgi Gospodinov Georgi Gospodinov (b. 1968), Verginiya Zaharieva (b.1959), Kristina Dimitrova (b. 1963), Elin Rahnev (b. 1968), and Mirela Ivanova (b. 1962) seek to present the complications and contradictions of the postmod. consciousness in a time of chaos, marked by destructive political events and a radical upheaval of the world picture (…) Recent names, such as Nadejda Radulova (b. 1975), Dimiter Kenarov (b. 1981), and Kamelia Spasova (b. 1982), mark new experiments, such as living in virtual reality, writing Internet poetry, reflecting on a new femininity, and more.“

Ivan Mladenov

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